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Randy Torrez Scholarship Foundation

Dear Athletes:

The Randy Torrez Scholarship Foundation has been set up in honor of our father, friend, mentor and coach, Randy Torrez. Randy was a standout athlete at College Park High School and a dedicated coach for many organizations including JOBL, the Pleasant Hill Rebels and College Park High School. After high school, Randy served his country in the United States Marine Corps and was decorated with a Purple Heart after being wounded in Vietnam. Randy had an incredible passion for “the game.” He truly believed in the value of team work and inspired many young athletes, teaching them how to be leaders and team players. Randy was forever thankful for the support he received from many of his coaches and mentors throughout his youth. He was blessed to have the support of some very inspirational men/leaders, who helped guide him and inspire him to be the best he could be. In his adult life, Randy wanted to give back to his community the way these men had given to him. Randy was a firm believer that sports serve as a positive influence in the lives of our youth and wanted to see that every child who wanted to play sports was given that opportunity. After Randy’s passing in November 2013, we decided that the best way to honor our father, friend, mentor and coach, was to start a scholarship fund, in his name, to provide an opportunity for all children to play sports, despite their financial situation. Due to the many generous donations made by this community, we were able to start this foundation and help make Randy’s wish a reality. We are thrilled to be able to provide you with the opportunity to be an applicant for the Randy Torrez Scholarship Foundation (“RTSF”). Athletic scholarships will be awarded to a maximum of ten athletes and will range from $100 to $500 based on the athlete’s financial need. Please note that all scholarships will be awarded to the individual athlete, through his/her athletic organization. Scholarship checks will be made payable to the organization listed on the application form. In order to apply please complete the attached application and submit to the address listed below. All applications must be post marked and/or submitted via email no later than July 15th. Upon receipt of your application, the RTSF Board will send an email confirming receipt. Please send applications to one of the following addresses: Mail To: Randy Torrez Scholarship Foundation: 1255 Royal Oaks Terrace, Unit A Novato, CA 94947 Please E-mail any questions to the RTSF Board - We wish you the best of luck with the application process and even more importantly, we wish for you a successful and healthy 2019 season! If Randy (Coach Torrez) were here today he would tell you to always hustle and give it your all…110%!