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Practice Schedule

From tentatively July 19th until the start of Regular Season practices will be Weekdays (Mon-Fri) from 6-8:00pm at Liberty High School. After our 1st League game practice will be 3 nights a week. Typically Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. All practices are mandatory.

We have football programs for the following ages.

Age is as of July 1st, 2021

JUNIOR PEE WEE (8U)   7-8 90 lbs. max.
Older-Lighters Max 6 9** 65 lbs. max.
X-Men Unlimited 7-8 91 lbs. to 120lbs.
PEE WEE (10U)   8-10 120 lbs. max.
Older-Lighters Max 8 11** 85 lbs. max.
X-Men Unlimited 8-9 121 lbs. & up
JR. VARSITY (12U)   10-12 140 lbs. max.
Older-Lighters Max 8 13 115 lbs. max.
X-Men Unlimited 10-11 141 lbs. & up
VARSITY (14U)   11-14 180 lbs. max.
X-Men Unlimited 11-13 181 lbs. & up
(High School Freshmen must play Varsity) 14 Yr. Olds (8 Max)    

** 9 & 11 Year old Older/Lighters can not age up before December 1st.

14 Year olds cannot turn 15 during the season.

One pound a week can be added to all weights once the Regular Season begins